Internet Marketing

Creating your online presence in a professional way

In this era of online business, just having a business website or a mobile application is not enough. Consumers today have innumerable choices available at their fingertips. So, you constantly need to remind them of your existence. There are vast range of services using which you can spread your brand message, share your expertise and advertise your products or services. This can be achieved through automated search engines and social media giants. They play a big role in setting the standards of your website for a customer. This finally leads your way into Internet Marketing Strategy which helps to land your business message onto the 'Online Advertisements' and further increase your sales.

Internet Marketing Services Provided by TheCyberGiant

The Cyber Giant is an India based team of internet marketers that help offline and online businesses in connecting with customers and creating an impressive web presence. We achieve higher sales and website traffic by employing following online marketing services:

Search Engine Optimization:

Get ranked higher in search results through our SEO Services. We will optimize your website and get them indexed and easily crawled by the Search Engines, thus increasing user traffic and eventually increase your business sales.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media has become almost an inseparable part of everyone's life. This is also the best media to reach a customer during his leisure. CyberGiant's social media marketing strategies will gain your business a substantial amount of traffic via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Google Adwords/Pay Per Click:

It enables your business advertisements to compete for display in the search list at the very moment when customers are searching for things your business offers. Our PPC management service helps you get listed instantly on Google ads to meet your business target faster.

Facebook Advertisement Services:

This social media giant allows you to get your business advertisement displayed to Facebook users while they are browsing their updates. We create Facebook ads for your business to ensure that more users view your ads and get to know about your product/service.

YouTube Video Advertisement:

Our services for Youtube video advertisement helps you gain from millions of views on Youtube. We provide result oriented services for all the ad formats and increase the viewership of your brand/product/service.

App Store Optimization:

Improve the visibility of your Mobile App through our App Store Optimization (ASO) Services. Marketing strategy in mobile app space is different from that via online. Our service optimizes your mobile app and gets them rank higher in app store search results.

Online Reputation Management(ORM):

CyberGiant's Online Reputation Management Service give prime importance to your business reputation. We manage your online reputation by improving SEO, building links with reliable sources, using authentic customers' testimonials and submitting press releases.

Email Marketing:

Our Email Marketing Services provide quantifiable results. We promote your business by sending Emails and Newsletters which deliver your business message to the audience. The essential metrics tracked to review the results of Email Marketing are Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Subscriber Growth Rate and Overall ROI.

Hence, contact us to get internet marketing plans, customized specifically for your business process.