Company History

Who we used to be

The Cyber Giant was founded in the year 2015 by a team of experienced and dedicated IT professionals with a mission to create innovative and intelligent software solutions to strengthen core competencies of its clients’ businesses. Cyber Giant started as a Web designing company in India at its inception and gradually grew into a full-fledged software company expanding into diverse activities ranging from Web Site Designing, Web Application Development, Android Development, ERP Development offering wide array of web based products and providing support services.

Success developing various software and getting other web development opportunities in allowing us to create custom web applications for our clients within various industries. Cyber Giant has had the opportunity to create powerful web applications, such as web-based real-estate investment software, event management software, web reporting solutions, mobile solutions, social media solutions, and etc. Since 2015, Cyber Giant has grown consistently to become a leader in the web content management software industry and to provide web development and mobile development services to our clients.